The Reporter (Almurrassel in Arabic)

Almurrassel (The Reporter in English) is an independent online magazine with a central focus on producing in-depth, research-based, and critical journalism that addresses the issues of the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the broader so-called “developing world.”

The team at Almurrassel believes that political, economic, social, and cultural events and phenomena in the Arab world do not occur in isolation or arise spontaneously. Rather, they are shaped within a specific international context that often encompasses overlooked historical dimensions.

In this regard, Almurrassel is dedicated, both professionally and ethically, to examining and comprehending such contexts in order to effectively serve the interests of its target audience in the Arab region and the “developing world.”

Almurrassel was established by a group of Arab journalists and technicians residing abroad and is registered as a limited liability company in the United States.

During its early stages, the magazine relied on self-funding from its members. In order to preserve its editorial independence, the magazine aims to obtain the majority, if not all, of its funding from its audience, who are interested in supporting quality journalism in the Arab world.

To this end, Almurrassel welcomes donations from its readers, regardless of their sizes.

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